Karin und Eberhard Otto, 16798 Fürstenberg, OT Blumenow, Tornower Str. 15,  Germany 

Tel./Fax (0049)33087- 52366 email: eotto@t-online.de

Dear friends of our American Collies: We live 45 km north of Berlin.

Collies from our breed live in

Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Belgium, Holland, Turkey, Poland, Austria.

guest at Judie and Larry.

Health, beauty and elegance from America.

The visit the National this highlight for this year 2000.

We are lucky, wonderful guys and gals have to.

This fills us with pride and joy every day.





Our young girls:

Ulissi Black Princess vom Sachsenhof  "Lissi" and "Virgine Sweet Kiss v. Sachsenhof" - "Gina" 

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some Clarion Champions

Show 2007 and 2008

Collie colours


Collies by  new Owner        


girls up 2.11.2015

 ours boys up 31.10.2010

Stud dogs from Sachsenhof in Germany 28.3.12

Walk in the snow at minus 14° Celsius.

The clarion calendar 2010

    Buddie and Lucky in action              Fotos 10.11.09

Buddie - 8.4.2010

new generation

Clarion - Amerika


guest book

Collie videos


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