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Mere chance was or our passion started so!

A lovely spring day, the windows of the classroom were open and a dog bawled outside.

I looked from the window and shouted to the half-breed standing before the school:

"Be quiet outside there!"

The enquiry from a pupil immediately came: "They probably don't like dogs, Mr Otto."

"Of course! I had a half-breed as a child myself."

"You like which race particularly  then," (one notices, the opportunity was favorable to turn away of the lesson),

I let myself in for it and thought: "Actually there is Collies but this one well with us (in the German Democratic Republic) not."

Answer: "My grandpa breedings collies."

In Natura I had never seen one, the knowledge referred to Lassie.

On the same day it went to the grandpa Baumann - great enthusiasm, "which marvelous animals".

I was a proud owner of the little "Fee vom Bergloch" 3 months later.

I then noticed astonishedly there still are other collie breeders there,

I then stated astonishedly,there still are other collie breeders there, visits followed, then the question:

"Don't you want to enter the district organization Collie?"

Therefore I became a member, I was taken in the club premises in Chemnitz.

I learned there, that there is dog shows also, yes yes, I was completely unsuspecting.

On the first show our "Fee" got in the youth class "very good 6th" and I declared the judge incompetent inwardly,

because of course my bitch was the most beautiful one.

The first GDR-winner show in Leipzig then came, for me a giant event.

Was certain from there, I want to breeder.

After a year membership then kennel registration, everything yes and so started

and it is 35 years now.

I saw few weeks after the purchase of the "Fee" with family John (Collies aus dem

Hexenhaus) uniting Blue Merle for the first time.

This is it, I had to have a Blue Merle Collie.

"Blue Werry aus dem Hexenhaus" came to me 12 weeks later.

The love of the blues stops to this day.

She alone determined our breeding to1992.

(A sable-white bitch, "Kitty vom Müritz See", first came to us again there 1992.)

The move to the north of Germany came in 1975. I had more room for the dogs there.

I then became acquainted with Karin in 1980. This was my luck. Karin loves this hobby like me.

We breeding together since then, the joy and also the sorrow of the dog breeding learned together.


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