Karin u. Eberhard Otto, Tornower Str. 15, OT Blumenow, 16798 Fürstenberg

Tel. u. Fax (0049)033087/52366 

email: eotto@t-online.de

   "Clarion Star Catcher" CEA/PRA-Kat frei, HD B, MDR1 +/-  

   "Clarion Arabesque in Gold" CEA/PRA-Kat frei free, HD A,  MDR1 +/+

   gew.: 7.2. 2004

   Züchter (Breeder): Judie Evans, New York, USA, Besitzer (Owner): K. u. E. Otto, Germany

Eltern Großeltern Urgroßeltern Ururgroßeltern
Ch. Clarion When Worlds Collide Clarion World Class Ch. Clarion Color My World Ch. Paradices Along Came Jones
Ch. Clarion´s Too Much Heaven Vater
Paradices Fan The Flame Tulip Acres Flames of Fire
Brolly Paradice Shoot the Moon
Ch. Heatherri-Clarion Silver Springs Ch. Clarion Metallica Ch. The Meadows Notorious
Clarion Winning Colors
Ch. Clarion Happy Hour Am/Can. Ch. Gambit´s Freeze Frame
Afterhours Risque
Clarion´s Gambit Nightfall Am./Can.Ch. Gambit´s Hurricane Brew´n Ch. Gambit´s Freeze Frame Ch. Gambit´s Chill Factor
Gambit´s Arts and Crafts
Ch. Gambit´s Hurricane Alley Ch. Gambit´s Chill Factor
Debutante Gambit Collage
Ch. Clarion Careless Whispers Ch. The Meadow´s Notorious Ch. The Meadows Simply Smashing
The Meadows Puppycakes Express
Ch. Clarion Touched By Poetry Clarion Touchstone
Clarion Black Dahlia Mutter

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